Security locks

A security lock has a reinforced steel night latch protruding at least 20 mm with saw obstruction through hardened steel pens. A multi-point security lock has at least 3 deadbolts, including one night latch in the middle and 2 protruding pins, hooks or falling bolts on the ends. Single-point locks Multi-point locks Narrow style locks

Hinge security

A doors hinge side is secured by introducing pins into the door that slide into its frame as the door closes. This is particularly necessary for outward opening doors. A windows hinge side is secured by placing an extra lock that can be unlocked. This is particularly necessary for tilted windows.

Oil tank security

The lockable oil stopper has a standard half cylinder opening, making it possible to lock the oil stopper with the houses security key. The oil safe is a very efficient anti-theft system made of 3mm-thick sheet steel. The oil safe is locked with a disk padlock that prevents any access to the shackles. Oil stopper […]

Security cylinders

Security cylinders are supplied with a property certificate. Keys or duplicate cylinders can only be made when this card is shown. The cylinders are secured against manipulation and are optionally available as modules, which strengthens the cylinders against breaking and makes it possible to adjust their length. IX SATURN    IX DAS    RS SIGMA

Safety fitting

The safety fitting protects the cylinder and is installed on the inside of the door. Core protection can further optimise cylinder security. Front door units Security roses

Reinforced strike plates

The reinforced strike plate is fastened on to the doorframe and is at least 3 mm thick. If possible, it is secured on to the wall or fixed to the frame with extra-long screws.

Window security

Window security is increased with extra locks and/or bolts with keys on the windows. These locks can be keyed alike for user comfort. Additional locks Bolts Window handles Push button cylinders

Key plan

A key plan is a group of security cylinders set up by the client in such a way that certain persons only have access to specific authorised rooms. Typical implementations are schools, hospitals, hotels, buildings with several residents, apartments, companies, … A key system can be used to ensure that the plan also includes up […]

Burglary protection

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