Exterior doors are secured in 4 areas: the lock, the cylinder, the fitting and the strike plate.

    • Security locks can be reinforced single-point locks or multi-point locks with round pins, hooks or falling bolts.
    • The security cylinder is supplied with a property certificate. Keys can only be made when this card is shown. The cylinders are also secured against breaking and removal through drilling.
    • The security fittings protect the cylinder and are installed on the inside of the door. The core protection further optimises the cylinders security.
    • A reinforced strike plate is at least 3 mm thick and can be secured into the wall if possible.

The hinge side of the door may also be secured, particularly if the door opens outwards.

In addition to door security, window security is also essential. This is done by placing extra locks and/or bolts with keys on to the windows. These locks can be keyed alike for user comfort.

Tip! Many cities and towns provide subsidies for burglary protection. It is certainly worthwhile to check this with your local police prevention department. An amount can also be deducted on your tax return in order to obtain a tax rebate.

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